Rosinka Oxford Children's Centre

Welcome to the Oxford Russian Children’s Centre “Rosinka”. We welcome everyone who wants to study the Russian language and Russian culture in the beautiful city of Oxford! If you would like to meetfriends who also speak Russian, celebrate the New Year and Maslenitsa with us, and participate in other events of our centre, we will be glad to make new friends! We accept all children from ages 2-16. Training/lessons are in groups of 6-12 children. There is a kind and friendly atmosphere in all our classes!

Lessons at Rosinka

Here at Rosinka we prepare young people for the Russian language GCSE exams and A-level exams.

In addition, we offer lessons for adults who are interested in the Russian language and culture.

All of our lessons/classes are taught by experienced and qualified Russian teachers.

The school operates using an adapted method of teaching the Russian language to children in a non-Russian-speaking environment. In every lesson we use a creative approach and create a friendly atmosphere.

Rosinka School at a Glance
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Let’s save the Russian language together!


Curriculum Overview

Rosinka offers a wide range of subjects in it’s curriculum, with many aimed at helping children develop their Russian.


Literacy, Reading and Writing

Common Russian literacy, reading and writing activities to develop the children's Russian 'on paper'.


Russian literature, reading and rhetoric

The teaching of common Russian literature and examining the language used in books. Reading exercises.


Foundations of Russian culture

The basics of Russian culture and teachings in the Russian language.


Logic exercises and speech therapy

Basic logic exercises with the helping of pronunciation and developing better speech in the Russian language.


Logarithmic activities and rhythm

The teaching of sequencing in the Russian language.


Fine art and basics of folk art crafts

The teaching of the traditional Russian folk art and drawing/artistic activities.